Grant Solar Thermal

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Grant Solar Thermal

Installing Grant solar collectors is a clean and highly efficient way of using renewable energy from the sunlight to provide hot water for your home, while also reducing your fuel bills and the building carbon footprint.  The panels not only operate with direct sunlight but also diffused sunlight meaning they will even work on cloudy days. 

Features & benefits

Grant Solar thermal collectors can integrate easily with conventional heating systems.  

The range includes a high efficiency flat plate collector, multi functional controller with LCD display.

Grant Sahara collectors have a durable aluminium frame with a bronze adonised finish, which has been designed to blend in with most domestic roof types.  


Heat Transfer Technology

Grant use a unique patented system where the heat transfer sheet interlocks both the pipe and absorber for perfect thermal transfer. Additional aluminium plates enclose the copper pipes and combined with an industrial strength adhesive result in 360° heat transfer.

When choosing a solar thermal system, there are a number of factors to consider. Almost any roof type is suitable, however a south facing arrangement could gain 100% of the light available during the day. If the roof was to face South-East or South- West there will be a reduction in yield by 5-10%.

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Designing your system
Grant Solar collectors have an absorber (or nett) area of 2.14m2. As a rule of thumb, when sizing a system, you should allow 1.0-1.3m2 of nett collector area, per person.

Cylinder requirements are 50-60 litres capacity per m² of nett collector area. To simplify this, for a 2-collector system of 2 x 2.14 = 4.28m2, you would require a cylinder of approximately 200-250 litres. This should be sufficient for 4 people and satisfy up to 70% of your hot water demand per annum.

Things to consider:
• Location of building
• Orientation of building
• Angle of inclination (roof)
• Shading of collectors
• Collector array in m2
• Hot water requirements
• Size of cylinder
• Pipework requirements

Free energy!
Many people believe that solar panels only work in the summer, however this type of free energy is available throughout the year. From May to September Grant Solar can produce 100% of the energy required for heating your domestic water. The Grant Sahara collector operates not just with direct sunlight, but also diffused sunlight, so they even work on cloudy days. On average Grant Solar can provide up to 70% of your hot water needs per year, for free!

  • 82.6% collector efficiency
  • 4mm self cleaning glass
  • Copper absorber with sun select coating for most efficient solar absorbtion
  • Solar Key Mark approved
  • On roof, in roof and flat roof mounting options
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Up to 70% of your domestic hot water free


Product code
Product Fiche
NOx Emissions
SOL255348 Grant Solar Thermal collector (BRONZE) - 40kg 2043mm 1143mm 80mm 82.6 -


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