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Government Incentives

Here is a list of SEAI Grants available for upgrading your heating controls, installing an air source heat pump and solar thermal systems.

Heat Pump Systems

The SEAI is offering a grant towards Heat Pump systems as an attractive alternative to fossil fuel heating systems, offering lower costs and reduced carbon emmissions. For further information visit

Upgrade your heating controls to enjoy a warmer, more energy efficient home

Manage your heating controls through your mobile app and reduce your energy usage by up to 20% as well as your home heating bills. Heating controls have many other benefits such as splitting your heating zones between upstairs and downstairs to further your efficiency. For further information visit

Heat your water easily with SEAI's solar water heating grants

Save money on your annual hot water heating bills by installing a solar thermal system.  Solar thermal will help you to reduce your energy consumption and cut down on your greenhouse gas emissions. For further information visit