Innovation is the cornerstone of Grant’s success. We grow by being first with the innovative products, solutions and services that are valued by our customers. Our employees pursue ingenious solutions in their roles and responsibilities.


Our customers rely on us to deliver the best products and services. Our employees do the right thing and act with integrity, depending on each other working towards the success of the team and the company.


We set ourselves ambitious targets, in doing so we pay close attention to our customers needs and are committed to delivering high quality solutions and services that exceed expectations. We strive to be the best in everything we do through continuous improvement.


We inspire trust in our employees and gain trust from our customer by saying what we mean, matching our actions with our words. We are committed to a culture of teamwork, collaboration and communication.

History in the making

Grant has been designing and manufacturing reliable heating products for fours decades. View our timeline to find out more.

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Careers at Grant

Employing over 300 people internationally, Grant Engineering has achieved renowned success in developing innovative products for the heating and renewable's industry.

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