Grant Integrated Unit

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Grant Integrated Unit

The new space saving, sleek and stylish Grant Integrated Unit has been manufactured with top class materials to exceed standards of hot water units. The unit has been developed to work seamlessly with the Grant Aerona3 R32 air to water air source heat pump range, ensuring homeowners can avail of an optimum efficiency, complete heating solution that can be relied on for many years to come.

Features & benefits

Standing at 1.8 metres high and with a footprint of 625 x 595mm, the Grant Integrated Unit can be installed neatly within domestic spaces of a property. Featuring aesthetically pleasing white panelling, the unit is easily incorporated into the design of most modern homes, with the system controls and display easily accessed by the homeowner if required. If access is required, homeowners can find the system’s controls, digital time boost kit, heat pump controller and pressure gauge behind the top door of the easy open unit.

The Integrated Unit has been pre-plumbed and pre-wired for a domestic hot water zone that allows hot water priority and a two-zone heating, with an option for a third heating zone. As the unit is pre-plumbed and pre-wired, it is time saving and enables a hassle free installation for the installer. The quick recovery 210 litre capacity single coil Integrated Unit has a solid, stainless steel coil which will lead to a much faster heating and recovery time.

When installing a Grant Integrated Unit with a Grant Aerona3 heat pump, it is very important that the unit has been correctly sized to ensure the hot water needs of the property are fulfilled. Sizing will be carried out by the Grant technical team as part of the home heating design service.

Stainless steel cylinders not to be fitted on private water source, bore hole or well. 


  • High gain 210 litre capacity single coil
  • 1.8 metres high & footprint of 625 x 595mm
  • Solid stainless steel coil
  • System controls and display easily accessed
  • Pre-plumbed and pre-wired
  • Domestic hot water zone that allows hot water priority and a two-zone heating, with an option for a third heating zone
  • Heating and DHW expansion vessels are installed
  • Pressure reducing manifold installed and plumbed
  • Fitted with fill and flush point
  • Automatic by pass fitted as standard


Product code
Energy Label
Product Fiche
Weight Empty
Weight Full
Pressure Regulator
Expansion Vessel
Coil Rating Primary
Coil Rating Secondary
Coil Rating Solar
Standing Heat Loss
Energy Rating
HPINT210G Grant Integrated 210 Unit - - 135kg 345kg 1855mm 594mm 635 / 734 with spacersmm - 3kW 18/19ltrs 32@15l/minkW - - 1.79kW/24hrs c Heating


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