Grant GES264 Sequence Controller

Grant GES264 Sequence Controller

Heating controls can have a huge bearing on a systems efficiency and performance. A suitable control system will make it far easier to maintain a more comfortable temperature within a home while also reducing fuel bills and carbon emissions due to reduced fuel consumption.

Features & benefits

The Grant 264 sequence controller has been designed to manage between 2 and 4 heat sources depending on heat loads. These heat sources may be traditional sources such as oil and gas or more advanced renewable sources such as air source heat pumps or wood pellet boilers. The controller itself can deal with a mix of fuels consecutively by using a common flow sensor and utilising the installed heat sources to satisfy the demand.

The water temperature can be weather compensated and used either with or without hot water priority, depending upon how the pipework is laid out and the set up of the motorised valves and pumps. When controlling multiple units, the controller will record run time for each unit and then rotate the firing sequence to provide equal run time. This ensures that all units share the load throughout the year. When the firing takes place, each unit will only run when required dependant on the system load. This ensures maximum efficiency and prevents against unnecessary firing and wasted energy.

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Dependent on system layout and design, it will be possible to include a pump over run. The primary and hot water circulating pumps can also be controlled by the sequence controller. When the controller is used in conjunction with a buffer tank/thermal store, the weather compensation facility will have to be disabled as the store will be kept at a constant temperature. The controller will recognise this as the set point temperature, and this is pre-set at commissioning stage along with the other parameters.

  • Can control from 2 - 4 heat sources depending on heat loads
  • Accepts multiple heating appliances
  • Reduces heating bills
  • Maximises system efficiency
  • This is not a BMS system


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