Grant GEO360 Weather Compensator

Grant GEO360 Weather Compensator

When a system has no weather compensation, once the air temperature within a room drops below the set thermostat temperature, a signal is sent to the boiler to ignite and raise the internal temperature to the desired value. While effective, the disadvantage to this simple arrangement is that no consideration is given to external ambient temperatures and the amount of energy required to raise the internal temperature. An adjusted flow and return temperature allow the boiler to operate in condensing mode even through fluctuating external temperatures.

Features & benefits

The GEO360 is a smart control system which comprises of the controller, two pipe sensors along with an internal and external air sensor, coupled to a mixing valve. Through the information received via the external air sensor (fitted on a north facing wall) the unit can adjust the system water temperature to match a heat output closer to the needs of the home. In periods of warm weather, the GEO360 optimiser will automatically shut the system down until such a time that it is required again. The flow and return temperatures can be pre-set on the control module which will enable condensing boilers to operate in condensing mode more often, which will then reduce fuel consumption and make the boiler more environmentally friendly.

  • System reacts to internal and external temperature changes
  • Monitors weather conditions throughout the year
  • Maximises overall system efficiency
  • Reduces heating bills
  • Cost effective to install and run


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