Professional Home Heating Design & Specification by Grant

Did you know that at Grant, we offer free of charge professional home heating design and specification to self-builders? This service provides reassurance that your home heating system will have maximum efficiency and achieve required compliance on heating requirements for building control. In addition, your home will be heated by the best suited, sustainable heating technologies that are designed to work together to ensure long-term cost savings and lasting comfort.

Here’s all that you need to know about how our home heating design service works: 

 Q. Where do I start? 

As soon as you receive your planning drawings from your architect, send these, your contact information and your preferred choice of heat emitters (underfloor heating and/or aluminium radiators) to our technical team at the following email address – 

Q. Is the process completely free? 

On receipt of house plans, our technical team will carry out the full home heating design process, which includes in-depth room by room heat loss calculations, to ensure your home benefits from the most efficient and reliable heating system – the design process is completely free of charge.

Q. What happens once the heat loss for each room has been calculated? 

Once the heat loss calculations are complete, we will develop a fully integrated heating package solution by sizing and specifying the best suited Grant heating technologies for your new build home. These technologies are selected from Grant’s diverse product range and have been designed to work together. 

Q. What’s included in a Grant integrated heating package?

Each Grant heating package is bespoke to every home. A typical Grant heating package includes the Grant Aerona³ R32 air to water air source heat pump as the main heat source, complemented by a hot water storage system like the Grant Integrated Unit. Finally, our technical team will specify the most effective heat emitters for your home, whether this is the Grant Uflex underfloor heating system and/or Grant Afinia aluminum radiators. For further efficiency, we advise that you add smart controls to each integrated heating package. 

Q. Why should I avail of the Grant free of charge home heating design service?  

Quite simply, our heating design service takes the hassle out of designing a heating solution for self-builders and those contractors working on the project. Additionally, each Grant integrated heating package is professionally designed by our team of technical specialists, meaning you can feel assured that your heating system will help to future-proof your new build and bring comfort for years to come. 


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