Is it time to upgrade your boiler?

The reliability and efficiency of a heating system is key to keeping homes warm and comfortable throughout the year. If your home heating system is not reliable or working efficiently, it could be time to consider an upgrade.

Every home is different and has unique heating requirements. Often, a heating system upgrade comes about because of a breakdown or to upgrade an old, inefficient boiler. Home heating systems may also be replaced as part of home renovation projects. 

To help further improve efficiency and help save you money, homeowners with an old oil boiler can upgrade to a Grant Vortex condensing boiler. Depending on the age and make of your current boiler, upgrading to a Grant Vortex could help you save over 25%* a year on home heating bills.

Taking your upgrade one step further, our award-winning Vortex range is also 100% HVO biofuel compatible thereby preparing homes for the introduction of renewable biofuel blends**. This adaptability means that homeowners can have peace of mind from knowing that when installing a new Grant Vortex condensing boiler it will be suitable for use with future biofuel blends whilst still providing the reliability and efficiency that is synonymous with Grant and helping towards the move to a zero-carbon future.

If you’re planning to move away from fossil fuels entirely and go completely ‘green’ then you could consider upgrading to a condensing wood pellet boiler, if your house type allows it. Usually installed within larger, more rural homes, due to the space needed to house the boiler and the pellet store, is the Grant Spira Pell condensing wood pellet boiler. The Grant Spira Pell condensing wood pellet boiler utilises indigenous wood pellets which are one of the ‘greenest’ fuel sources on the market today. A condensing wood pellet boiler offers a truly environmentally friendly heating solution, which in turn will deliver ultra-efficient results for homeowners. 

To further optimise heating systems for households, our R&D team has worked tirelessly to ensure our diverse range of heating technologies work together seamlessly. This ultimately helps to bring a home’s heating system into a new class of efficiency and helps to provide greater long-term energy savings for the homeowner.  


*Depending on the age & make of your current boiler