How Grant home heating technologies are contributing to reducing carbon emissions in Irish homes

For over 45 years, Grant has been at the forefront of innovation, delivering efficient, carbon-reducing heating solutions. Having evolved largely into a renewable heating company in recent years, our award-winning technologies are instrumental in fostering sustainable homes, contributing significantly to the path towards a zero-carbon future.

Barry Gorman, National Renewables Sales Manager, outlines how Grant has played a pivotal role in advancing the deployment of renewables in Ireland.  

"Our team collaborates closely with architects, builders, developers and local authorities nationwide to bolster social housing initiatives, new construction projects, and deep retrofit projects. This includes delivering fully integrated heating solutions which feature the high-efficiency, A+++ rated Grant Aerona³ R32 air-to-water, air source heat pump as the primary heat source.”  

The Grant Aerona³ heat pump is a popular choice for new build housing due to its cleaner, more environmentally friendly performance and ability to deliver a fully decarbonised, resource efficient home heating system. A heat pump can also be an efficient option for older homes, which undertake a deep retrofit. 

Our comprehensive range of renewable heating technologies synergise seamlessly to deliver a fully integrated, dependable, and efficient heating solution. In new constructions, underfloor heating often emerges as the preferred heat emitter due to its efficacy at lower temperatures, complementing the high efficiency of the Grant Aerona³ heat pump to optimise energy conservation and achieve substantial long-term carbon and financial savings. Grant Afinia aluminum radiators and Grant Uflex underfloor heating also integrate effortlessly with Grant heat pumps. This allows for new build homes to operate at optimum efficiency all year round with the Afinia radiator and Uflex underfloor heating ranges also providing modern and versatile design aspects to the overall home.  

Our primary aim is to educate individuals working within the heating industry and homeowners across Ireland about the significance of selecting renewable heating technology. In pursuit of this objective, we have expanded our educational resources tailored for installers, architects, engineers, and local authorities. This includes offering CPD courses accessible through our onsite Training Academy and the Grant eLearning Academy online platform."  

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