What is underfloor heating?

There are two different types of under floor heating - electric and wet - we manufacture a wet underfloor heating system.

The installation of underfloor heating consists of a series of flexible pipes being laid within the floor through where hot water flows, hence transferring heat upwards and radiating heat evenly into a room. Underfloor heating does not rely on air circulation to disperse heat throughout a room. As the entire floor is radiating heat, an even dispersal of heat is given to all areas of the house eliminating any cold spots.

The installation of underfloor heating consists of laying floor insulation, a membrane brace, clipping the pipework into place and adding a layer of suitable screed of 75mm thickness layered over the pipework.

Underfloor heating works effectively with an air to water air source heat pump, helping to save energy and money as both systems work at low temperatures to use less energy. It can also work well with high temperature systems featuring a condensing oil boiler.

In addition to providing a balance of warmth throughout a room, underfloor heating offers increased hygiene due to reduced air circulation and ensures more space to design and decorate a room without blocking radiators with furniture.

Underfloor heating will work seamlessly together with aluminum radiators on separate floors and each room can have different temperatures by zoning the house and installing individual thermostats. It works with most floor coverings including ceramic tiles, polished concrete, stone, engineered boards, vinyl and laminate flooring, solid hard and soft wood and carpet with a TOG of less than 2.