What are aluminium radiators?
Grant Afinia aluminum radiator

Aluminum radiators are part of our heat emitters family and are both highly efficient and compatible with both high and low temperature systems.

Aluminum is an alternative material used to manufacture radiators nowadays as opposed to steel or cast iron.

They respond instantly to changes in temperature, heating up much faster than standard steel radiators which allows you to regulate a room’s temperature easily. Aluminum radiators require much less energy to heat up and are a great thermal conductor. They are environmentally friendly due to the lower heating bills but also as aluminum is becoming a much cheaper and easier material to recycle across the world.

Our aluminum radiators are aesthetically pleasing and are available in vertical and horizontal combinations and deliver flexibility with installations. With the ability to expand these radiators from 6 – 20 panels our Grant Afinia range offers easy installation and adaptivity to suit the unique needs of the homeowner.