Semi-detached home in Portmarnock receives a heating upgrade

This 3 bed semi-detached dwelling not far from Portmarnock Beach on the east coastline, has recently had its heating system upgraded with the Grant Aerona³ R32 10kW Blygold air to water air source heat pump.

“Before moving to this house and completing the renovation, we owned an A Rated Three Storey New Build which had limited ground floor space, said Colm Lee-Roche, homeowner. “Although the energy efficiency of the house was great, it was difficult to manage the heating throughout the house. We had the opportunity to buy this 1970’s Semi-D in Portmarnock, a place we wanted our daughter to grow up, and renovated to create a more spacious ground floor space and with that, a heating system and design spec that coped with the harsher winters by the coast. 

We’re really happy with the automation of the heating controls and how seamless it is to take hot showers, use the hot tap and benefit from the underfloor heating."

In preparation for the installation of the heat pump, the homeowner undertook several actions to ensure their home was ready for the heat pump. These included, installing external insulation as well as new windows to the existing part of the home to ensure the home was well insulated – a key factor that contributes to the overall efficiency of a heat pump. A new, well insulated extension was also added to the rear of the home.

The fully integrated heating system now features a Grant Aerona3 R32 10kW Blygold air to water air source heat pump as the main heat source. The Aerona heat pump works in tandem with a Grant pre-plumbed and pre-wired hot water cylinder which provides the home with domestic hot water. Grant Uflex underfloor heating has been installed throughout the ground floor while the first floor is now heated using sleek and stylish Grant Afinia aluminum radiators. To complete the heating system, the Grant Uflex neoStats have been fitted in each room.

As the beach is only 50 metres away from the house, the homeowners were advised to select the Blygold coated version of the Grant Aerona3 air to water air source heat pump. Blygold anti-corrosion treatment is designed to preserve the heat pump against the sea air.

This home is a prime example of how our products can be fitted seamlessly into an existing house.

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