Product Spotlight - Solar Thermal
Product Spotlight - Solar Thermal
Grant Solar Thermal Panels

With the demand for renewable heating technologies on the rise, our Solar Thermal panels offer homeowners and those working in the trade a sustainable hot water heat source.

Our flat plate solar thermal panels are available in on roof, flat roof and in roof solutions, meaning the range is suitable for most, if not all roof types.  

The solar energy generated from our Solar Thermal panels will provide up to 70% of your hot water needs per year, meaning you will see a significant decrease in your annual hot water bills, as well as your carbon footprint 

A general misconception we often hear is that solar panels will only produce energy effectively in strong sunlight. However, our Solar Thermal offering operates with both direct sunlight and diffused sunlight, meaning the panels will generate energy to heat domestic water all year round, even on cloudy days.  

Our Solar Thermal collectors can integrate easily with most conventional heating systems and are complete with a bronze anodised finish, designed to blend in with most domestic roof types.  

For more information on the features and benefits of our Solar Thermal panels click here.