New hybrid technology – EVOLINK

Available to customers later this year, we are delighted to announce the development of our new hybrid technology – the Grant EVOLINK.

After many years of research and planning, EVOLINK is the first of its kind in hybrid technology and enables the smart integration of heat pumps to a property by combining with existing technology in a home whether oil, gas or biomass.

“We have always developed new products to meet the needs of our customer base and our focus on sustainability continues to grow. To help achieve de-carbonisation within the home heating sector, I believe that home heating fuel needs to follow in the footsteps of transport and transition to electric or 100% biofuel heating” said Stephen Grant.

The Grant EVOLINK is our second hybrid technology and follows the Grant VortexAir hybrid which was launched back in 2017. This new hybrid technology uses intelligent software and complex algorithms to optimise the use of a heat pump throughout the year, optimising the operating temperatures of the two appliances through modulating pumps and hydraulic mixing circuits. It also incorporates smart features like built-in weather compensation.

The main benefit of the Grant EVOLINK is that it allows homeowners to incorporate renewable technology to their existing heating system whilst only using their existing fossil fuel appliance for supplementary heating when required. This would immediately reduce carbon emissions by up to 70% (or 70% - 80%) overnight at a fraction of the cost of deep retrofitting a property.

The Grant EVOLINK hybrid technology is set to play a substantial role in the transition to affordably decarbonise homes, with minimal disruption.

Continue to check out our website for updates on EVOLINK’s availability to homeowners.


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