Grant’s fleet of vehicles make the switch from diesel to HVO
Grant’s fleet of vehicles make the switch from diesel to HVO

In recent months Grant has transitioned several of its distribution lorries to be fueled by renewable biofuel alternative Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), a move which is helping us as a company reduce CO2 carbon emissions by up to 90%.

This announcement reinforces Grant’s commitment to a sustainable future and its continued focus as a renewable heating company on decarbonisation within its innovative heating technologies and within its operations. The move also supports the Government’s ambition to reduce transport carbon emissions by 50% by 2030.

At present five, 18-tonne lorries are being fueled by HVO biofuel as we deliver our home heating products to merchants throughout Ireland.  As HVO biofuel is a complete drop-in fuel replacement for diesel and kerosene, the lorries did not require any modifications to be made before making the change to HVO biofuel.

Speaking about the recent switch, Niall Fay, CEO, Grant said,

“Grant is committed to the decarbonisation of home heating and reducing our own carbon footprint as a business. The use of 100% HVO biofuel within our distribution lorries, has enabled us to reduce our carbon emissions instantly, with no disruption to our services. Every mile our lorries travel fuelled by HVO biofuel will now have 90% less carbon emissions when compared to conventional diesel. The best thing of all is that HVO biofuel can also be used in home heating as a replacement biofuel for kerosene, and this will also help to achieve residential heating carbon reduction targets by 2030 if supported by government.”

Over the last 45 years, we have become a global leader in home heating through our design and development of innovative, highly efficient, and reliable heating technologies. During this time, we have continued to show commitment to our core set of values, including innovation, leadership, sustainability, and partnership.