Benefits of home heating oil

Home heating oil is a popular choice for many households across Ireland. From greater flexibility with suppliers to cost-effective oil burning technologies available on the market, there are many reasons why:

  1. Oil is a highly cost effective home heating resource and with improvements in technology, oi-fired condensing boilers available on the market today, such as the Grant Vortex are designed with efficiency and durability in mind and can often substantially lower your heating bills by up to 30% a year*.
  2. You own the storage tank – unlike other types of home heating fuels such as LPG gas where the tank is usually rented from the LPG supplier. Oil customers usually purchase the tank at the same time that their heating system is installed, and as such, there is no on-going rental fee to pay.
  3. With oil you are not tied down to using the same supplier each time you top up, allowing for greater flexibility.
  4. In addition to being able to shop around for the best prices, you’ll also find that there are certain times of the year that you can get a better bargain! Homeowners can benefit from cheaper costs by ordering a delivery in summer, as opposed to emergency situations in the colder months which can lead to significantly higher costs.
  5. You have the opportunity to combine oil with renewable alternatives! If you wish to make your home more environmentally friendly, your oil heating system can be easily combined with other technologies including solar thermal heating. Furthermore, integrating renewable technologies into your current heating system can help you save even more on your heating bills.

*Depending on age and make of boiler